The selection process for fall 2021/22 is closed. The admission results will be published here mid-July. You can find an explanation about the calculation of the admission score in this pdf-document. The application period for fall 2022/2023 starts in mid-March 20212.


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How to apply for a study place in the application portal?

First create an account and verify it with a link sent to you by mail. Afterwards you log in and create an application with up to three master's programmes. You will be asked to enter personal information as well as general information about your previous studies and courses. All relevant application documents must be uploaded as PDF files (max. size of 2 MB per file). The system will then automatically check whether you are eligible to apply. If this is the case and your application is correct and complete, you can submit your application. The Faculty’s Admission Committee will then decide on your application. If you apply for Business Administration and Economics you can submit the following test results:

  • Business Administration: TM-WISO or GMAT
  • Economics: TM-WISO or GMAT or GRE

Can I apply for more than one master’s programme at once?

Yes, you can apply for up to three preferences however, you will receive only one admission. For example, if you did not meet the minimum requirements for your first preference and have been offered an admission for your second preference you will no longer be considered for your first preference in a re-assignment of rejected places. Please keep this in mind when selecting your preferences and apply only for programmes that you really want to study.

I cannot upload my PDF document. Why?

Please check whether the PDF file exceeds the maximum size of 2 MB per file. If this is the case, please downsize it to less than 2 MB. PDF-files only are accepted.

Do I have to submit my application as a hardcopy to the university?

The application is carried out as an online application, without sending any documents. For enrolment, all documents that you have uploaded in the portal (no more recent proofs) must be submitted authenticated.

I have entered wrong or outdated information but have already submitted my application. What can I do to correct my information?

Please contact us immediately using the email address you registered with.

Are there personal selection interviews?

Personal selection interviews are only conducted for the Double Master’s Programmes. Please note that not all applicants who meet the admission criteria will be invited.The interviews are expected to take place as follows:

  • DMP Business Administration: from the beginning to the middle of June 2021                                  
  • DMP Demography and Social Inequality, DMP Economics and DMP Health Economics and Management: from the middle to the end of June 2021

When will I receive a letter of admission or a notification of rejection?

If you are admitted, you will receive a letter of admission in mid-July. The enrolment period for the main proceedings is expected to run until early August 2021.

Official notifications of rejection will be sent in November.

Can I change my preferences?

Yes, as long as you have not yet submitted your application, you can modify or delete the data you have entered. After you have submitted your application or the application deadline has expired, this is no longer possible.

Where can I get my documents authenticated?

Your documents can be officially authenticated or notarised by any public office that bears an official seal, for example, courts or municipal and local authorities, public savings banks (bearing an official seal), parish offices and notaries. Please note that not every German municipal/local authority is prepared to certify copies of documents in a foreign language. Notarisations from the following authorities will not be accepted, even if they bear a seal: lawyers, associations, auditors and accountants. Documents are only accepted in German and English.

Do candidates with particularly pressing personal situations get special help?

Candidates with particularly pressing personal situations can apply to be admitted directly. Nevertheless, these candidates still need to meet the application requirements.

Please click on "I will apply for a hardship case" in the portal and upload the requested documents (in German only).

I do not remember my password. How can I get a new one?

If you cannot remember your password, please click on “Forgot password?” and enter the email address you registered with. You will then receive a link that allows you to enter a new password.

Where do I get information on the admission tests?

For the M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics the result of one of the following admission tests is part of the final scoring of the admission process:

  • Business Administration: TM-WISO or GMAT
  • Economics: TM-WISO or GMAT or GRE

If you have taken one of the admission tests, please upload the result in the application portal. Please note the registration deadline for the TM-WISO. Unfortunately, we will not be able to inform all applicants about their eligibility before the registration deadline for the TM-WISO expires. The later you submit your application, the higher the risk of having to register for the TM-WISO without any notification about your eligibility.

The test result must be available by the application deadline. You are welcome to submit your application without test result and upload it later until 15 June 2021. Applicants who apply for the Double Master's Programmes have to submit their test result lastest until 15 May 2021.

The results of the admission test will also be taken into consideration if you later wish to apply for a semester abroad. Thus we recommend applicants for the M.Sc. Business Administration, and M.Sc. Economics to take an admission test. Please read the website of the WiSo Faculty carefully for more information on how to submit the test results. 

What do I have to keep in mind if I want to apply for a Double Master's Programme?

Applicants for the M.Sc. Business Administration, M.Sc. Economics, M.Sc. Health Economics or M.Sc. Sociology: Social Research can also apply for a Double Master’s Programme. A decision on admission to one of the Double Master’s Programmes is independent of the admission to the regular master's programmes.
If your application for a Double Master’s Programme is not successful your application is still valid for the regular master's programmes - provided that you meet the admission criteria.

Why do I get an error after logging in?

If you receive the error message "Unfortunately you are not authorized to view this page" after registering, then you have registered with your user ID of the University of Cologne (smail account). Please log in with the e-mail address with which you registered for the portal. If you have registered with your e-mail address of the University of Cologne, please use the complete e-mail address as user name (e.g.

I have technial problems creating or submitting my application. What should I do?

Please contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • browser
  • browser language
  • operating system
  • time of the error message
  • exact wording of the error message
  • what were you about to do.

Of course, you can send us a screenshot of your problem/ error message. Due to safety regulations we only open PDF-files.