The selection process for fall 2019/20 is closed. The admission results will be published here at 16th July. You can find an explanation about the calculation of the admission score in this pdf-document. The application period for fall 2020/2021 starts in March 2020.


Here you can apply for the following programmes:
  • M.Sc. Business Administration with one of the following majors: Accounting & Taxation, Corporate Development, Finance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc. Economics
  • M.Sc. Economic Research
  • M.Sc. Information Systems
  • M.Sc. Health Economics
  • M.Sc. Sociology and Social Research
  • M.A. Political Science

as well as for the international Double Master's Programmes (DMP) in:

  • Business Administration - M.Sc. Business Administration
  • Economics - M.Sc. Economics
  • Health Economics and Management - M.Sc. Health Economics
  • European Studies - M.A. Political Science
  • Demography and Social Inequality - M.Sc. Sociology and Social Research
  • For the DMP*: 15 May 2019
  • For all other master's programmes at our Faculty: 15 June 2019

Please note that all applicants who have not obtained their degree in Germany must additionally apply online and by post via uni-assist and have to pay a fee. The date of receipt applies. Do not wait for the examination of your application by the University of Cologne; please submit your uni-assist application as early as possible.

  • When applying for a DMP, please choose Business Administration, Economics, Health Economics, Political Science* or Sociology and Social Research and apply via uni-assist until 30 April 2019 (date of receipt).
  • Applicants for the other Master’s programmes who graduated outside of Germany please apply via uni-assist until 15 June 2019 (date of receipt).

* For the DMP in European Studies you additionally need to apply at Maastricht University. Please pay attention to the additional application documents and the different application deadline of Maastricht University.

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